Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Rills of the Nile - Beat Cops

Rusty's waltz wednesday presents: Rills of the Nile, by Beat Cops

We're back! Today, rock and roll. This album was released YESTERDAY (16/06/2015) so we are like riding the crest of the current-music wave here.

Beat Cops:

Beat Cops are these four guys:

I know Pat, bottom-left, of Trigger Effect fame, but not the other three fine musicians. What can I say, I'm slightly - 1/4 - alternative, but not 4/4.

The point is, these guys all have fine rock/punk/metal/other? pedigrees, and can play the heck out of their instruments. Their songs are aslo catchy, rockin', melodic and fun to listen to. God bless 'em!

In fact, I saw them at their album release last night at a fine venue - Turbo Haus - run by guitarist Pat and some other members of the montreal music/bar/restaurant scene. The show was sweet, and their performance of this tune really caught me.

On to today's song.

The song:

The singer introduced this song last night as the story of someone injuring themselves in the arctic, and falling into their ultimate sleep dreaming of a warm slumber on the banks of the river Nile.

The song begins with only the singer and his guitar, which makes a sweet transition when the electric guitar/drums/bass comes in at 1:20. Something about the muscular tone of the drums and electric guitar gives it a rockin' zeppelin sort of feel. As the song progresses, you start hearing some sweet double-guitar harmonies, and vocal harmonies.

The singer has a great range, and the song is chorded by a lot of suspended seventh chords which gives it a sort of breeze - dreamy - feel.

I think this is the first straight rock selection for RWW! press "play" on the embedded link below and enjoy. You can also check out the rest of the album and/or purchase it through the bandcamp landing page as well.

Until next time, signing off, saying bye, check you later,